Tips to Program 2020 2021 Subaru All Smart Keys Lost with Autel IM608 IM508

Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 XP400 supports following 2020/2021 Subaru IMMO & Smart all keys lost programming models:

Forester 2013-2021 (Immobilizer)
Forester 2013-2021 ( Keyless System)
Impreza WRX 2015-2021 (Immobilizer)
Forester 2013-2021 ( Keyless System)
Legacy 2013-2021 Keyless System
Legacy 2013-2021 Immobilizer(Without IMMO)
Levorg 2015-2020 Immobilizer
Levorg 2015-2020 Keyless System
Outback 2013-2021 Keyless System
Outback 2013-2021 Immobilizer(Without IMMO)
WRX 2015-2020 Keyless System
WRX 2015-2020 Immobilizer
Crosstrek 2012-2021 Immobilizer
Crosstrek 2012-2021 Keyless System
Impreza 2012-2021 Immobilizer
Impreza 2012-2021 Keyless System
Liberty 2015-2021 Immobilizer
Liberty 2015-2021 Keyless System
XV 2012-2021 Immobilizer
XV 2012-2021 Keyless System
XV Crosstrek 2012-2021 Immobilizer
XV Crosstrek 2012-2021 Keyless System

Here is the 2020/2021 Subaru Smart Key AKL programming guide using IM608/IM508:

Don’t need online subscription.
Network connection is required. It’s all by OBD
You can use OEM, aftermarket, used new, Old as long as it looks the same.
They do lock but can be reset, not every device will do them, but some can. HYQ14AHK.
Better use APB112 emulator key.  If you don’t have APB112, you can do reset procedure. 2 steps: Just reset  smart box and then add key.


2021 Subaru Crosstrek all keys lost done with IM508 all by OBD.

1). Reset smart box

autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-1 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-2 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-3 (2)

Resetting smart box.

autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-4 (2)

Remove this relay to stop the horn honking for 15 minutes.
*you try and sit inside a car that’s been in 95 degree heat all day with the doors closed for 15 minutes. Remove the relay no worries.

autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-5 (2)

Reset successful.

2) Add key

autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-6 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-7 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-8 (2)

3). Register/Learn key

Bring the access key(s) need to be registered close to Start/Stop button in 60 sec

Then use the keys have been learnt to turn on the ignition in 60 sec

autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-9 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-10 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-11 (2)
autel-im608-2021-Subaru-Crosstrek-AKL-12 (2)
autel-im608-get-password-2006-chrysler-1 (2)

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