DTS Monaco Disable Sidemarker US to ECE Conversion for Benz W205


This instruction show you guide on how to use DTS Monaco to code sidemarker disable–US to ECE conversion for Mercedes Benz W205. Preparations: Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software Procedures: ECU: BC F222… Continue Reading


Hyundai Santafe 2014 Check BSD SystemBlind Spot Sensor Calibration by Autel4

This is a real customer feedback on Hyundai Santafe 2014 BSD system coding by Autel Maxisys. His Hyundai get fault code:C270354 and the dashboard show “Check BSD System” warning massage.And for more Hyundai repair,please check here:Hyundai Trouble Repair. Procedures: Connect… Continue Reading


How to Set up BMW F, I, G Series Programming in ISTA+ (Not ISTA-P)


Problem: I had error when programming BMW F32 in ISTA-P 4.19.13 Expert Mode. Error: Vehicle programming with ISTA/P is no longer approved for the connected vehicle. Vehicle management is now only possible with ISTA 4. *Before version ISTA 4 it… Continue Reading


How to Activate OEM Porsche PIWIS III Developer (Engineer) Mode


Porsche Piwis III Development Mode (also called Engineer Mode) enables users with special functions like modification or flashing. How to enable OEM Porsche PIWIS III to Developer (Engineer) Mode on Panasonic CFAX3 Laptop? 1. For Newer Porsche Models: Go to… Continue Reading


Ksuite 2.53 for Kess V2 Master V5.017 Software Free Download


KESS V2 Master software already updated to Ksuite 2.53. OBD2TOOL engineer has tested the new version on Kess V2 Master v5.017 and worked no problem! We’d like to share the free download link for all of our customers. Kess V2… Continue Reading


How To Use DTS Monaco Software To Activate ESP OFF Menu For Mercedes Benz 204


For Mercedes Benz, the ESP Off menu is a hidden function, so if you want to get it you need to enable it, this post show the instruction on how to use DTS Monaco software to activate ESP OFF menu for… Continue Reading