How to Use Launch X431 Program Idle Speed for Benz S400 2016

After clean up throttle,you need to use this function when find idle speed instability by programming idle speed.For more projects on Benz,please check here: Mercedes Benz Repair

What You Need?

Launch X431 Pro

Oprating Instructions:

1.Use X431-PADIII,enter local diagnostic, choose Benz,choose”auto search”to scan car information, after confirmming begin to run test.

2.Choose auto search to scan all system

3.Choose ECM

4.Choose special function

5.Choose”configration by hand”

6.Choose”Programming while Parking or Neutral”

7.Please fulfill engine speed between 500-900, temperature between70-100℃, then choose yes;

8.Select idle valve as needed,choose”F3″to decrease,choose”F4″to increase,reached the set valve then press return key at the bottom right;

9.Follow the prompt “Turn off the ignition”, then choose yes;

10.Then”Turn on the ignition” press yes

11.Follow the prompt “Start engine,idling”,to see if engine achieve setting idle, then end lesson.

More test report about Launch X431 please check: Launch X431 Test report

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