Is possible to change idle speed with GM Tech II

Possible to raise and lower idle speed using a Tech II Scanner?
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2003 escalade, found a TSB regarding rough idle, I need to raise and lower the idle by +/- 50 rpm. How do I do this with a Tech 2?
For the 2003, if the tsb refers you to a new calibration you might able to reprogram with tis2000 (depends on the tsb date).
Note that things can’t be done with the scan tool alone.
2011 escalade would like to know how to do a VIN reprogram/ relearn for the radio.
For the 2011 you’ll need tis2web.
Note that things can’t be done with the scan tool alone.
Is it possible to adjust the idle rpm with the GM Scanner Tech II?
You cannot change your idle rpm with the Tech 2. On some vehicles you can raise and lower the rpm by controlling the iac motor, but only for diagnostic purposes.
What do I need to be able to change my idle speed for cold conditions . ECM program adjustment? should be able to control it with cruise control switch correct?2002 GMC duramax 2500HD . (1GTHC23182F202689 – 2002 GMC VIN.)
your vehicle can the ecm reprogrammed for the fast idle increase. your local dealer should be able to help you out.
Which one Tis2000 will support escalade 2009 to reprogram with Tech2?
For 2009 you will need an online subscription.
I’m trying to change the idle speed on a 98 camro m6, ls1, with a big cam for a friend of mine.
Can anyone enlighten me as to the proper procedure to adjust it with a GM tech 2? He wants it specifically set with the ecm.
You cannot do it with a TECHII. Simple as that. What you want to do is considered editing, and you cannot edit with a TECHII. Period.
Only thing you can do with a TECHII is upload GM specific files, tunes, updates, whatever you want to call them.
Raising of the idle can be done using the bi-di controls in the scanner function, but it does not burn it to the memory.
Drilling a hole in the T-body does you no good, because without raising the idle in the tune, the IAC will just close up more, trying to get the idle back down to the desired speed.
I assume the same is true for changing the rear gear ratio?
You can change gear ratios by changing RPOs. Totally different thing. Thats still not editing. It’s changing what the computer thinks the car came with from the factory.
You cannot tell the computer the car has a 4.56. You cannot change the idle.
To correctly change the idle, you need to increase the base idle airflow, as well as the idle speed. You need to purchase a tuner suite. HPtuners or EFIlive.
Is it possible for GM vehicles to get the ecm reprogrammed for the fast idle increase. your local dealer should be able to help you out. How it works?
Connect the Tech 2 and follow the steps below to program the ECM for idle up feature with PTO operation:
Turn on tech 2 and build the vehicle
select “Powertrain” (Or “Vehicle Control Systems” on later models)
select “Special Functions” (or “Module Setup” on later models)
select “PTO Options”
select “Change Options” (soft key at bottom of the screen)
select F1 “PTO Preset Speed Control”
select pto max engine speed set to 2200 – 4400 rpm (not below 2200)
Note: These steps will not allow the engine rpm to exceed the rpm setting, even during normal driving if the PTO switch is on
select stand by speed (base fast idle ) set to 1200 (this setting is initial fast idle)
select PTO set speed – set to 1400 rpm
select PTO resume speed – set 1700 rpm
select PTO max engage speed – set to 1800 rpm (PTO engagement inhibit speed)
select PTO engine shutdown – no
select PTO engage relay – no
select PTO feed back -no
select “Reprogram” (soft key at bottom of screen) “Waiting For Data” displays on screen-once data comes back verify settings remain
key off- until tech 2 “beeps” and screen shows “no communication” (Very important step if missed setting will not store)
key on – verify settings remain on list
operate pto

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