How to Configure WiFi and USB for Original JLR DoIP VCI

Part 1: How to Configure WiFi for Original JLR DoiP VCI /setup wireless connection?

Original Jaguar Land Rover diagnostic tool JLR DoIP VCI supports both USB and WiFi connection. Here’s the guide to configure the LAN setting.

Connect JLR DoIP VCI W-F interface with vehicle
Connect the other end of VCI with laptop via USB cable

Open VCI Manager (JLR), press Connect

Choose Network Setup tab->Wired Etherent

Tick Enable Wired Etherent Interface

Press Apply button and Yes

Then disconnect USB connection
Close VCI Manager
Open VCI Manager again
Press Connect
Go to Network Setup->Wired Etherent
Press Set Factory Default

Press OK if system prompts you are about to reset the VCI communication settings to a factory default state.

Enable network connection
Press Set Factory Default again

In Wireless (802.11), choose Obtain an IP address automatically, then press Access Point

Choose Wireless resource which is the same as the your network
Press Configure

Enter wireless security password (encryption key)
Press Next

JLR VCI is configured to connect to your network
Disconnect and then Connect VCI

It shows WiFi connection is done
Open JLR SDD software on desktop

Press Connect

Now you can run SDD software for diagnosis

Part 2: How to connect JLR DoIP VCI via USB
To setup USB connection, you need to download Bosch driver for VCI first:!aqwnhbQS!KS7QhERmZ4cCcZfvT2iXkdYN6ynz9vDQ3DmPQRGm0TU

Open Bosch_Driver folder

Open MTS6533_Setup

Install Bosch VCI Software (JLR)
Press Next
Press Next
Press Install
Finish installing Bosch VCI software

USB Configuration in progress. Don’t disconnect JLR VCI from PC until a message indicates that the configuration process has completed.

Open Device Manager to check the Bosch JLR DoIP VCI adapter is well connected

Open VCI Manager on desktop to make sure the Manager detect JLR VCI which indicates interface is well connected


Right click JLR SDD software on desktop->Find File location C:/Program Files/JLR/SDD/Runtime

Open the GatewayManager with Notepad
Find “Device5 = JLR-DOIP” and change value to “, Device5 = JLR-DOIP”

Find Go to C:/Program Files/JLR/IDS/Runtime

Open the GatewayManager with Notepad
Find “Device5 = JLR-DOIP” and change value to “, Device5 = JLR-DOIP”

Setup completed.
Now you can run JLR SDD and Pathfinder software

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