Does Autel CAN FD Adapter Work with IM508/IM608/IM608 Pro?

Does anyone know if this CAN FD adapter is compatible with the Autel IM608 Pro. Or the team doesn’t need it to work with the CAN FD line?


Yes, the CAN-FD adapter is compatible with IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro and the JVCI.
the IM608 does not come with CAN-FD protocol which you need for CAN-FD work.

It’s a magic tool that gets you into the new system for GM and Ford.

The ultra already comes compatible with can fd, there is an adapter autels sells for the rest of tools.

You can use the VCI Mini, 100, full size with all of them. No the only VCIs made with CAN FD, MEGA CAN, DoIP, etc are the new ones with the ms909, ms919, and Ultra. However, you can buy a CAN FD adapter and use with it.

CAN FD Adapter is compatible with following Autel VCI

• Compatible with VCI or VCI/J2534 device included with Gen 1 Autel MaxiSys units: MX808, MS905, MS906, MS906BT, MS906TS, MS908, MS908P, MSELITE
• Compatible with VCI/J2534 device included with the Gen 2 Autel MaxiSys units: MaxiADAS, MS908S, MS908SP, IM508, IM608

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