ThinkCar ThinkPlus Diagnostic Scanner

THINKPLUS Automatic Vehicle Diagnostic Tool
Intelligent Full System Diagnostic Tool, Covers 99% Car Brands

From the makers of the popular ThinkOBD 100 and ThinkCar 1S, the ThinkPlus is a hand-held advanced vehicle diagnostic tool that is designed for industry users with automotive diagnostics needs such as fast repair service, second-hand car and automobile insurance.

Complete OBD-II and Full System Diagnosis, including Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream, special functions, actuation tests, and more, as well as enhanced All Module Scan to diagnose brake, emissions, fuel, transmissions, wiper, light and other systems.

Simply connect theĀ Thinkplus to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and diagnosis will start automatically. All system tests takes as little as 2 minutes and a professional diagnostic report will be generated and sent to you via email. ThinkPlus communicates as it calls out each module being scanned, so your don’t even have to stand there to watch it scan.

ThinkCar-ThinkPlus-Diagnostic-Scanner-1 ThinkCar-ThinkPlus-Diagnostic-Scanner-2 ThinkCar-ThinkPlus-Diagnostic-Scanner-3 ThinkCar-ThinkPlus-Diagnostic-Scanner-4 ThinkCar-ThinkPlus-Diagnostic-Scanner-5 ThinkCar-ThinkPlus-Diagnostic-Scanner-6

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