(Solved)BMW ICOM A2 A3 NEXT got blue screen on Dell laptop

Customer’s problem:

We had purchased one set BMW ICOM NEXT with HDD from obd2tool, We really appreciate the faster shipment, all is well packed dhl week quickly received. But when we install the HDD to our computer, we have blue screen and doesn’t access to computer windows. We are wondering if we get the broken HDD……


Solution offered by www.obd2tool.com engineer:


The BMW ICOM A2 A3 NEXT drives we assign to our customers are generally AHCI-mode hard drives with SATA port. If your laptop BIOS is not set to the same hard drive mode (AHCI mode), if you connected to our hard drive to your computer, there will be a blue screen or can not find the hard drive. Please make sure your HDD is set to AHCI in the BIOS.



To check this you turn the laptop on and press F2, it will enter the BIOS. Now go to “ONBOARD DEVICES” or “SYSTEM CONFIGURATION” then go to “SATA OPERATION” press enter and make sure its set to AHCI not ATA or any other option. Change another computer, switch achi mode for your Dell laptop. You will get it to work with achi mode.



1. Everything is fine. It came what i was waiting for. Works amazing. Immediately carried out an update on the bmw e70 block dme. Fast and accurate. Thank you so much. Satisfied completely.

2. Connects very well with Ista + works well! Thank you

3. You can buy boldly! The goods are quality, fully consistent with the description. Installed ista d and ista p programs, checked in, everything is fine! Thank you very much to the seller!

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