Pcmtuner magic car tool FAQ

More and more users got Pcmtuner Magic Car Tool. Some customers gave feedback that they encountered problems during using, such as activation, login password, device not found, etc. Check the details and get the solutions.

Problem 1: After installing Pcmtuner but can’t start it, and appears this error prompt” User is not active. Contact Support”.


Solution: Need to register by your email first, and then offer your register email to your seller to activate.

Problem 2: I try to find tuner-box.com login password, but fails, where is it?
Solution: Open the pcmtuner 1.21 software, you can see the serial number on the taskbar at the lft bottom of the screen. It’s also the tuner-box.com login password, and the user name is your register email. If you cannot see the taskbar, hide the taskbar to try.


Problem 3: PCM tuner Device not found. Please insert correct USB device!

Solution: Connect the pcmtuner ecu programmer to the computer with the power cable and USB cable, and plug the smart lock dongle into computer (see the figure as below)


Problem 4: Received my PCMtuner, is it normal that those chip legs are not soldered to the board? Should I solder them or leave them?

They are unused pads hence not soldered, IC has a large pad under so no need to worry. It works well.
Don’t touch leave as unsoldered. When u push back, your dongle will be damaged and locked, don’t touch it. If u open it you void the warranty, if it fails and you don’t open it you have warranty.

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