How to Solve VW Amarok Caddy 2018+ Remote Not Working After Programming

Here comes the general problem of VW Amarok Caddy etc. 2018+ UDS protocol vehicles: 2019 VW Caddy. I spent a few hours programming the Xhorse key using VVDI2. Also tried TDB1000. Remote function could not be obtained. Every time the programming failed, the original remote stopped working until I scanned and cleared errors. I expected it to work when the transponder was added (Megamos AES). I can’t access remote learning with any of my tools, nor did vvdi2 let me program the remote. I was wondering if anyone could confirm remote learning with transponders or how to learn it if not.


Solution: It is not possible for BH remote controls after 2018 at the latest. You will not get any communication with the central locking remote control customization. You need a dealer key 100% and then learn from ODIS. There is no after-market solution, VAG blocked the remote channel on UDS vehicles 2018+. Had the exact same issues with new caddies. So merchant key and Odis ATM since the channel is only opened in the programming phase. Only Odis opens it at this stage, you can’t even use an after-market precoded key which apparently has to be OEM.

Remote Programming: Diagnosis by mid 2018.
Important note: After mid 2018, VWG removed the option in the BCM to allow remote programming separately from the transponder and the dealer tool will open the remote programming channel during key programming. No aftermarket tool allows remote programming as of id 2018 at the time of writing. But some people have had luck with these tools (with dealer key). Try it when you get your hands on it.1). I used Lonsdor k518ise last time. In the remote section, just go through all of them until you find one that works. Smart Pro can do it too.2). In Brazil people do it with Xtool X100 Pad3. I’ve already managed to program a key of a Brazilian VW 2018 (Voyage). I programmed a separate chip and then the remote successfully.

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