“Boot Strap” Error Occurs When Using DRB III to Flash TCM on 2001-2004 JR


*   2001-2004 JR 2.7L 41TE automatic transmission


*   Verify the DRB III is at the latest release using TechTOOLS.
*   Verify the CH7000 red-ended cable is being used and is in good condition.
*   Verify that DRB III connections are clean and not damaged.
*   Verify the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC) is not damaged and no pins are pushed out.
*   Check vehicle battery condition.
*   Repair any damaged wiring before flashing any ECU.
*   Verify all accessories are off while flashing controller.

If all the above items have been checked and there is still an issue with flashing the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), perform the following:

DRB III Cold Boot

*   Press the “Yes” and “More” buttons at the same time, then when prompted press the “F4” button to continue.
*   After the cold boot has been performed the flash file will have to be downloaded again from TechTOOLS.

Reseat DRB III PEP Module

*   The PEP module in on the back side of the DRB III and is opposite the DRB III screen.
*   To reseat, pull the DRB III out of the protective cover, turn it over, and slide the PEP module towards the top (connector) side to remove.
*   Repeat this several times to reseat the connectors.

Disconnect SCI Circuit from the BCM C1 Connector Cavity 10

*   Start the flash.
*   When the DRB III instructs you to turn the key off, remove the PK/LB SCI wire from the BCM C1 connector cavity 10.
*   After the PK/LB SCI wire from the BCM C1 connector cavity 10 has been removed, turn the key back on and continue the flash.
*   When the flash is finished, reinstall the PK/LB SCI wire removed from the BCM C1 connector cavity 10.

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