How to use PCMtuner ECU Programmer On Ford SID209


This article will show you how to use PCMtuner ECU Programmer on Ford SID208, The same process applies to Ford SID209, how to select the appropriate module during operation? Procedure: Step 1. Identification Identify ECU via OBD with ECU in car,… Continue Reading


How to update pcmtuner software to v1.24


Good news!!! PCMtuner team has released the latest PCMtuner software V1.2.4. With this version user can view the SN and expiry date even if the user account is inactive/expired/missing USB dongles, also can view the latest news and the SN can… Continue Reading


Pcmtuner magic car tool FAQ


More and more users got Pcmtuner Magic Car Tool. Some customers gave feedback that they encountered problems during using, such as activation, login password, device not found, etc. Check the details and get the solutions. Problem 1: After installing Pcmtuner… Continue Reading