Free Download gm tech2 tis2000 software and install on WIN XP78


This blog show you how to download free tis2000 software and install on WIN XP/7/8, take your own risk, shared by customer, big thanks. TIS2000 Software download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bc92by7ao7fp1la/GM+2000NAO.7z Tis2000 Dongle Crack http://rg.to/file/a081c4c028aa1fb80ea98e15a540b9a9/TIS2000_Dongle_Crack.7z.html How to install TIS2000 software: Customer solutions.. here… Continue Reading


How to use the GM Tech2 to perform GM SPS Programming


This article is an overview on how to use the GM Tech 2 Scan Tool to perform GM SPS Programming in what is known as Pass-Thru or Legacy Pass Thru mode for calibration updates.   This can be for the ECU or… Continue Reading


How to program key fob using Tech 2 scan tool

You will need a GM Tech 2 Scan Tool with it’s 32MB card (updated) and the CANdi module. I have seen the pair sell for as cheap as $224 on Obd2tool.com and as much as $3000 off eBay. Btw, if you… Continue Reading


The tech2 is being phazes out

tech2 is being phazes out, the GM MDI as stated above will replace it fully very shortly, you can use tech2win for older vehicles, GENERALLY anything with the new style flip keys from general motors will require the MDI with GDS2… Continue Reading


How to use GM MDI to do SPS Programming?


GM MDI is an interface between the vehicle DLC and a PC (by wired USB, wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet ) and TIS2web.It is with 30 languages available to choose,and support with wifi,but now you need to buy wifi card or… Continue Reading