Obdstar X300 DP Plus Program Renault Logan 2018 AKL Success


Obdstar X300 DP Plus can support the successful programming of all keys lost via OBD for Renault Logan 2018. Follow the steps below to see how it works. Another good news: if you buy X300 DP Plus now, you will… Continue Reading


JLR DoiP VCI SDD Pathfinder Interface jaguar land rover diagnostic tool Registration


When you use the Pathfinder software of JLR DoiP VCI, you need to have an account. The account registration method is as follows: 1.New JLR of Pathfinder 2.Registration at below website https://topix.jaguar.jlrext.com/topix/vehicle/lookupForm 3.Registration 4.After certified through e-mail, then you can… Continue Reading


Tips to Install SDD and Pathfinder for VXDIAG JLR DoIP VCI on Win10


As titled, here are some tips on setting up Jaguar Land rover SDD and Pathfinder software for VXDIAG JLR DoIP VCI (VCX SE JLR or VCX DoIP JLR). 1.Update VX Manager, VCI and DoIP firmware to latest verison, otherwise the… Continue Reading


How to Update firmware of Rover DOIP


1.JLR Pathfinder VCI DoIP connects car and computer; 2.Open VCI Manager; 4.Start to update DOIP firmware 5.After the firmware update is complete, DOIP will restart, and the DOIP screen will display a Land Rover Jaguar picture.


VXDIAG VCX DoIP JLR Pathfinder Not Installed Error Solution


Problem: I have the jlr pathfinder software well installed. Then i tried to install the vxdiag vcx se jlr doip VCI driver in vx manager, it failed me and said JLR Pathfinder not installed. Any idea how can i fix it?… Continue Reading


Can i Do Programming with this diagnostics Kit


1. Can i Do Programming with this diagnostics Kit Yes sure These are Pro level kits and support software updating the ECU Softwares to newer ones. Each Module has a Flash memory that controls how it works. Over time these… Continue Reading