BMW ICOM ISTA/P: when starting programming dialog in ISTA/P appear the error message 94201、63031、63104


BMW ICOM ISTA/P: when starting programming dialog in ISTA/P appear the error message 94201、63031、63104 1. End the conversation 2. Disconnect the ICOM from the vehicle 3. Disconnect the vehicle battery for 10 minutes 4. Reconnect the battery and start a… Continue Reading


How to use Launch X431 PAD VII on BMW F-chassis for Auto Start/Stop Permanent Coding


Tutorial on how to use Launch X431 Pad VII on BMW F-chassis for Auto Start / Stop Permanent Coding. Car model: BMW 318i 2016.11.BMW F chassis programming, using Launch X431 PAD VII Hook Launch X431 PAD VII up BMW F-chassis, select… Continue Reading


Does Autel CAN FD Adapter Work with IM508/IM608/IM608 Pro?


Does anyone know if this CAN FD adapter is compatible with the Autel IM608 Pro. Or the team doesn’t need it to work with the CAN FD line? Yes, the CAN-FD adapter is compatible with IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro and… Continue Reading


Program BMW F21 2015 AKL on Bench by Autel MaxiIM IM608


All keys lost BMW F21 2015. Autel MaxiIM IM608 Read the ISN of G-box2 on the bench. Then 2 new keys are programmed into the FEM module. Success with Autel on this one. Also took out DME and read ISN on… Continue Reading


OBDSTAR MS80 Test on 2013 YAMAHA TMAX 530


This article is to share with the customers the tutorials on OBDSTAR MS80 motorcycle diagnosis tool 2013 YAMAHA TMAX 530 ENG Diagnosis Test. What attracts customers worldwide is that MS80 tool has professional-level intelligent diagnosis, providing an unprecedented intelligent diagnosis and… Continue Reading


How to connect and configure BMW ICOM NANO


1.Check the manual. The SN serial number of the manual is the same as the SNX on the ICOM NANO label. Use the APP to scan the first QR code (left), check and copy the password, Only copy, no punctuation;… Continue Reading


How to restore ICOM Next when all LEDs turn red


Problem with BMW ICOM Next: did an update on my motorcycle and everything went fine and today when I connect icom to OBD – all leds are just on with red color, system one is blinking red/yellow. Please do exactly… Continue Reading


How to Fix BMW ICOM Next IP Problem


Got BMW ICOM Next not connecting to ISTA because it need firmware update I try to login with internet explorer but I didn’t get the setup page. I don’t know if it’s IP problem or what. Here is the itool radar… Continue Reading