Mercedes W204 All Keys Lost by Autel IM608 + GBOX + XP400 Read Password


With last update, Mercedes Benz Software on MaxiIM IM608 did all keys lost W204 C220 CDI with EIS W207 type, succeed computing password in 3 minutes with G-BOX 1 and key programed correctly! Get password: Collecting data and calculating password is… Continue Reading


Autel MaxiIM IM608 Compare With Autel IM508


Considering an increasing number of users ask how to choose between Autel MaxiIM IM608 and Autel MaxiIM IM508, obd2tool.com engineer make a comparison table and would like to share here. Autel MaxiIM IM608 VS Autel MaxiIM IM508: In the aspects… Continue Reading


Autek ikey820 Program 2004 Ford Ranger 2015 Ford Explorer (USA) Key Perfectly


Here have collected two test reports about Autek iKey820 programmer add new key to Ford USA cars without any issue. Hope it helps! Test 1: Autek ikey820 add new key to Ford Ranger 2004 (AKL) Enter “Key program” function to select… Continue Reading


OBDSTAR ODO Master Is A Good Porsche Odometer Correction Tool


OBDSTAR ODO Master is a good mileage correction or Porsche Cayenne BOXSTER CAYMAN PANAMERA up to 2016 year. OBDSTAR Odo Master can correct mileage for these Porsche models: PORSCHE V30.38 (newest version) PORSCHE 911 2005-2010 918 2015 BOXSTER 2005-2010 CAYENNE 2010… Continue Reading


Lonsdor K518ISE change mileage on Jaguar XJ 2012 by OBD


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer is able to change mileage on Jaguar XJ, F-type, and XE 2015 up (some pre-2015) models. Here’s demo guide on XJ year 2012 (Middle East model) odometer correction with K518ISE by OBD. A Jaguar XJ year 2012… Continue Reading


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer WiFi Setting Tips

Newest Lonsdor K518ISE

In both cases below you need to do WiFi setting on Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer: First time use you need to configure WiFi to register and update Device displays WiFi connection but cannot run an upgrade Lonsdor K518ISE WiFi setting:… Continue Reading


XTOOL X100 PAD User Manual: Activation, Update, Customer Reviews

XTOOL X100 PAD User Manual: Activation, Update, Customer Reviews XTOOL X-100 PAD is a professional key programmer which is good at key programming, mileage adjustment, oil service light reset etc. This article is available with the user manual including: X100- PAD… Continue Reading


How does CGDI BMW read BMW MSV90 ISN without dismantling

Using one CGDI BMW Programmer and one cable by CG Company, read BMW MSV90 ISN job become easier. Here we go for procedure. Engine model: BMW DME MSV90 (for BMW 5 series, 7 series, X series, X6, X5 etc) Purpose: Read… Continue Reading


Yanhua Mini ACDP update Bench Mode Read DME ISN N20 N13 N63 S63 N55 B38

Good News!!! Yanhua Mini ACDP update read & write ISN code for BMW DME on Bench, including all DME versions: N20 N13 N63 S63 N55 B38 etc. No need to open the DME shell. No need to drill the hole. And… Continue Reading