X100 PRO2 Professional Key Programmer FAQ

x100 pro2 scan tool

Q: does the unit need to be registered and updated before I can use it? A: It can be used directly when received, and the software is pre-installed. If customers go to upgrade and download, they do not need to register, and… Continue Reading


Can you send me Lonsdor K518ISE Cable OBD” to DB pinout


Can you send me Lonsdor K518ISE Cable OBD” to DB pinout ? Here is the pinout Pinout OBD2 to DB25 OBD2 – DB25 1 —–18 2 —–19 3 —–20 4 —-24,25 5 —-24,25 6 —–21 7 —–22 8 —–23 9 ——5… Continue Reading


Autel XP400 Pro Key&Chip Programmer User Manual


Autel XP400 Pro is an upgrade version of XP400, XP400 Pro is a multi-function programming, which not only supports key and chip programming, but also reads and writes odometer. XP400 Pro allows end user to read over 2000 (chips, components, devices)… Continue Reading


How to Program Nissan Kicks 2020 Smart Key with Lonsdor


2018-2010 Nissan Kicks smart keyless proximity programming requires converting a 22-digit password to a 20-digit PIN. Lonsdor released a new Nissan 22-digit pin code calculator which calculates PIN code for Kicks/Versa 2018-2021 with Chassis number: P15. The dongle comes with… Continue Reading