Honda Accord 2008 ECM/PCM Programming by Launch X431

After replacement of engine ECU, the key failed to start the engine. The green key led on the instrument panel flashes.So here car-auto-repair.com will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to reprogram ECM/PCM for Honda Accord 2008.And for more Honda Accord cases,please check here:Honda Accord Trouble Repair.

What You Need?

Launch X431 V Pro

Operation Procedure:

1.Select 16PIN DLC -> Select system -> Engine system -> Special Function -> Write VIN.

2.Select Engine system -> Special Function -> Replace ECM/PCM.

3.Select IMMO (4th generation) -> Immobilizer setting, after successful entry.


4.Select “Replace ECM/PCM”. Perform initialization. Interact with Immobilizer first. After interaction, communicate with engine system.

5.After registering the anti-theft key information to the engine, follow the prompts on the tester to perform “Turn the ignition switch OFF” and “Turn the ignition switch ON” once.

6.If the registration is OK, it prompts to perform “Registration of ECM/PCM has been completed. Turn the ignition switch off” and “Check all keys to ensure each will start the engine”. Check standard: The key can properly start the vehicle.

7.After checking that the key can start the vehicle normally, select “Confirm”, prompt appears on the tester. Select “OK” to perform key registration if this car model contains smart key.Otherwise, select “Cancel”. Operation completed (This Accord is without smart key, select “Cancel” to end the operation).

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