How to add key to 2017 Range Rover sport with Autel IM508

Problem: Trying to add a key to Range Rover Sport 2017 with Autel IM508 XP400Pro. Is it possible via obd if i have a working key?


Solution: You have to do this on the bank. 2010-2015 Dpla system obd 2016-2018 Fk72 system bank 2017-2019 Hpla system bank 2019+ Jpla system new KVM module, two new keys and a scan tool with Doip- J2534 interface If you don’t? because the customer has a working key, select Lonsdor K518ISE and a dedicated JLR key. Lonsdor can do this via OBD. Check Programming Manual: 2018 Range Rover Evoque Program All Keys Lost With Lonsdor K518ISE JLR Key For Workbench Work, IM508 + XP400 or VVDI Prog + VVDI2 are very safe and reliable.

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