How to Reset AUDI A4 2008 Steering Angle Sensor by X431 Pad VII


There is something wrong with 2008 AUDI A4, the steering system has fault, but can continue driving. Here will share the guide to use Launch X431 Pad VII to solve. Let’s go one by one! Part 1: Perform basic setting with… Continue Reading


How to use Launch X431 PAD VII on BMW F-chassis for Auto Start/Stop Permanent Coding


Tutorial on how to use Launch X431 Pad VII on BMW F-chassis for Auto Start / Stop Permanent Coding. Car model: BMW 318i 2016.11.BMW F chassis programming, using Launch X431 PAD VII Hook Launch X431 PAD VII up BMW F-chassis, select… Continue Reading


Launch X431 Tips-View All Supported Cars for Immobilizer Programming


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Launch X431 Pad VII “Serial Number Does Not Exist” Solution


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How to Activate Heavy Duty License in Launch X431 PAD VII/PAD V


Launch X431 Pad VII/PAD V not only do gasoline cars but also diesel heavy-duty trucks. Truck software is required to be purchased seperately. How to purchase heavy duty software? Software license and heavy duty adapters kit can is available. Contains:… Continue Reading


Launch X431 PAD 7 configuration online programming function


Operation steps of Launch X431 PAD 7 configuration online programming function: Go to options: Other—Equipment—File Management—-cnlaunch folder—-X431PADV—assets directory, find the file named StdCfg.ini. Open StdCfg.ini with a text editor and click the edit button on the upper right to make… Continue Reading