ODIS Software V5.26 For VAS5054 A And VAS6154 Free Download


ODIS Software is VAG diagnostic software,  supports  diagnosis, offline/online programming and coding for vag group vehicles including Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini etc..  V5.26 Software is compatible with VAS5054 A and VAS6154, supports multi language as well: Multi-language: English,… Continue Reading


Free download VAS5054 PassThru Drivers 64bit

VAS5054-PassThru-Drivers-@-64bit https://mega.nz/#!gBdWFIrT!RLRUbSQL7m9YNkGNXqZ7WQnZ-u7bksejJouT7eIH-HQ Password for rar file is: R0TURB0_VAS5054_PassThru_@_64bit – on win7 64bit is ok and working. – Passthru is only USB, because of speed stability and other things, but you can try. – With this installation my VAS5054 is working… Continue Reading


VAS 5054A and Renault CAN Clip FAQ :

VAS 5054A and Renault CAN Clip FAQ : Q: I want to clear the fault code for ABS and airbag for my VW, Audi, Seat, the VAS 5054A is ok? A: Yes, you can use this item. Q: What’s the… Continue Reading