How to Link WIS ASRA standalone to XENTRYDAS

I had XENTRY DAS installed and no help link were working from DAS, it was going to some URL every time I clicked on help button, so I decided to install WIS/ASRA as standalone option on same laptop. This is… Continue Reading


How to use Mercedes Benz SDS Star Diagnostic machine


Mercedes-Benz SDS Star Diagnostic scanner tutorial quick intro on how to use the scanner. This article will show the exact amount of information needed to start with SDS This really helped me get started with this software.


What MB Star multiplexer works on DoIP W222

Before entering the topic today, let’s look at the two Star diagnosis XENTRY error reports: 1) I had a problem with my Star Diagnosis Xentry 05.2013. When I connect to W222 the Diagnosis crash and I must restart the Xentry.… Continue Reading