DAS Xentry, what Benz models can & cannot do

In the software Xentry / DAS, there are lots of Benz Group models including Benz, Smarts, and MAYBACH,SETRA, COBUS, MITISUBISHUI FUSO. But what models can MB Star diagnosis tools do and cannot do? Read the vehicle list here to get it.… Continue Reading


How to activate Xentry of V2019.07 MB SD Connect Compact 4 MB Star C4 C5?

1.Open the icon “ConfigAssist”,choose “SDconnect ”,as the picture shows: 2.Click“Configure”  3.Click the incon like a lock,as below: And you will find Hardware ID nad APP ID information.Please keep it in the interface 4.Open the file Computer- Local Disk(C:)-Program File(x86)-TOOLS,find Application “Xentry Developer exe.”Open… Continue Reading


How to reset MB SD connect c4 LAN & WLAN IP address

Here is a solution…tested OK by professionals. RESET LAN & WLAN IP address as follows: On Desktop, right click to go to Personalize Control Panel-> Network and Internet-> Network and Sharing Center Network Connection-> Local Area Connection 2 Properties-> Internet… Continue Reading


Lower Benz Air Suspension with MB SD Connect C4

This is the Star Diagnostic tutorial on lower Benz cars, with MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic tool. Here takes W211 as an example. Model: MB W211 Tools used: MB SD C4 Dell d630 with Windows XP system Tutorial on lowering the car… Continue Reading


How to quick fix MB Star C4 Xentry “No more updates” error?


When run 09.2017 Mb Star C4 Xentry or other previous versions, the error show “No more updates can be installed on the diagnostic system.”. What’s the solution? Check below quick fix method! Mercedes Xentry error when Mercedes MED177 M278 engine for… Continue Reading


MB SD C4 W164 Front SAM Offline Programming issue fxied

One of customers sent an email to sales@youobd2.com customer to report he has a question that no option to program the SAM using offline programming with MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer and Xentry 12/2015 fail to do. Here is the… Continue Reading


Mercedes 2006 e350 Car Cranks Error p0335 solved by SD Connect C4

As the title suggest, Mercedes 2006 e350 car cranks but won’t start with p0335 fault code, and MB SD Connect C4 is best to recommend. Car model and year: Mercedes e350 2006 Fault code and description: would crank but would not… Continue Reading


MB sdconnect DAS Xentry Errors Failures and Solutions (Words & Pictures)


Topic: Collection of most concerned MB SD C4 DAS Xentry errors / failures and working solutions by www.youobd2.com senior engineer. This post is long but most helpful; please add to your favorites. Most concerned FAQ (press ctrl+f to search): Q: How to… Continue Reading


2016 MB Star SD Connect C4 Hardware and XENRTY DAS FAQ


Here are the most frequently-asked questions from MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star users and professional answers from engineers working for youobd2.com. Hopefully, it helps those in trouble. Q: How to change the Xentry language? A: Go to Setup, select Setting… Continue Reading

Mercedes Star Finder 2016 2015 2008 Download Free

Free download Mercedes Star Finder 2016 2015 2008 wiring diagrams and information with Star Finder installation guide. What is Mercedes Star Finder? Mercedes Star Finder includes color wiring diagrams and information about the location of the vehicle elements of electrical… Continue Reading