How to measure the tire tread & brake disc by Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E


Question: Can Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E measure the tire tread & brake disc? The answer is yes. This is a Autel TBE200E manual to explain how to measure tire tread & brake disc. Read below to learn how easy it works. Autel… Continue Reading


Accessing Prognostics Download on Caterpillar ET Software


Accessing Prognostics Download on Caterpillar ET Software #Purpose Prognostics Download allows Prognostics data to be downloaded quickly and easily from all available ECMs. This information can be saved as a text file (.txt), refer to Figure 1.1 above. When information… Continue Reading


Caterpillar (CAT) Flash File DVDs 2020

Caterpillar (CAT) Flash File is a Flash memory programming of onboard ECMs with the CAT ET 2020A software The software is necessary for the companies involved in the diagnosis of construction and special equipment Caterpillar. Please check the preious version… Continue Reading


How to Repair Caterpillar Low Oil Pressure Trouble


This real repair case from one of my blog read,here i re-edit it post here,big thank for Jim’s excellent work.Here is post Jim’s repair procedures on how to solve Caterpillar low oil pressure trouble. Caterpillar Low Oil Pressure Trouble Repair:… Continue Reading


Diagnostic Codes on Caterpillar ET Software


Diagnostic Capabilities Diagnostic Codes The engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) has the ability to monitor the circuitry between the ECM and the engine’s components. The ECM also has the ability to monitor the engine’s operating conditions. If the ECM detects… Continue Reading


How to WinFlash Caterpillar C15 ECM with CAT ET & Flash Files

In this instruction,i will show you the guide on how to use Caterpillar ET and flash files to WinFlash for Caterpillar C15 engine ECM. Preparations: Caterpillar ET Electronic Technician Software Download Caterpillar Flash Files Download CAT WinFlash Procedures: After CAT model… Continue Reading


Caterpillar SIS Cat SIS 201809 FULL WITH 3D IMAGES

Caterpillar SIS (CAT SIS) 2018 is illustrated a guide to the maintenance and repair of the full range of cat vehicles, contains guidance on repair equipment and machinery caterpillar, program help diagnose production caterpillar, operating instructions spare parts and equipment caterpillar.… Continue Reading


Cat® Electronic Technician Maintain Productivity and Control Cost

Quickly reduce engine and machine downtime, control costs and schedule repairs more efficiently by diagnosing problems using Cat Electronic Technician (ET). Cat ET is easy to use. The software accesses information from the electronic control modules on Cat engines and equipment.… Continue Reading


Cat Caterpillar ET 2017A V1.0 Software

Top 3 reasons to get Electronic Cat 2017A 1. Latest Caterpillar ET Software to work with CATCAT3 Truck Scanner 2. With one free activation, can send software online 3.Support Multi-languages 2017A Cat ET software as Cat Caterpillar ET 2015A Software update… Continue Reading


CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool can reprogram ECMs

PET Caterpillar ET Analysis Program can easily reprogram ECMs, reconfigure manipulate technique ranges, tweak functionality or maybe diagnose the cause root cause of a failure at the first try. What’s more, them communicates with every technique using ATA (J1708), J1939 or… Continue Reading