Porsche PSE Retrofit Coding with PIWIS Tester

The coding procedure can be applied to All Porsche Models. Diagnostic system required: Porsche Piwis II, PIWIS Tester III PSE retrofit coding is done as follows: The sports exhaust system button can only be coded on the right-hand side of… Continue Reading


Why you need one piwis III instead of piwis II

Why-you-need-one-piwis-III-instead-of-piwis-II (2)

For the newest Porsche model after 2017 year (i.e 2018 Macan), requires piwis tester 3; For the older Porsche model (i.e a 99 Boxster), don’t need the newest version, then piwis 2 is okay. Question: As I’m researching this myself,… Continue Reading


Porsche Panamera 2013 Parking Brake Programming After Replacement by X431


This article show the guide on how to use Launch Scan Tools to perform Parking brake replacement coding/programming. And for more Porsche repair,please check: Porsche Trouble Repair. Procedures: Build connection between Porsche Panamera and Launch X431,then enter the menu to select… Continue Reading