LAUNCH X431 V+ Customer Questions & Answers

This post collected some questions about Launch X431 V+ diagnostic device that you may encounter and replied for it. Question: Does this scan tool work on all diesel vehicles? Answer: No, it doesn’t. The Launch X431 V+ scan tool functions on… Continue Reading


ThinkCar ThinkPlus Diagnostic Scanner


THINKPLUS Automatic Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Intelligent Full System Diagnostic Tool, Covers 99% Car Brands From the makers of the popular ThinkOBD 100 and ThinkCar 1S, the ThinkPlus is a hand-held advanced vehicle diagnostic tool that is designed for industry users… Continue Reading


Maserati Granturismo M145 2012 Service Light Reset by Launch X431


This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 device to reset service light for Maserati Granturismo M145 2012. What You Need? Launch X431 V+ Precautions: 1.Park the vehicle on a level surface. The installed sensor is very… Continue Reading


What American Vehicles Does Launch X431 Pros Mini Work on

What-American-Vehicles-Does-Launch-X431-Pros-Mini-Work-on-4 (2)

Question:  What American made vehicles does Launch X431 pros mini scanner work on? Answer: X431 pros mini scanner covers many American vehicles such as Ford, Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet, dodge, GMC, etc, please check detailed supported vehicles from this link: http://qcar.x431.com/newqcar/?lan=zh&pdtTypeId=2&menuIndex=3 You… Continue Reading


Operation Method for Service Lamp Reset of 2015 Porsche Macan By X-431 Pro3


Launch X431 Pro3 Actual Measurement: Operation Method for Service Lamp Reset of 2015 Porsche Macan Actual Measured Vehicle Model: 2015 Porsche Macan. Operation Procedures: 1.Turn the ignition on; 2.Select “Service Lamp Reset” V10.02 or above; 3.Select “PORSCHE”; 4.Select “Software Reset”;… Continue Reading


How to Set Launch X431 V Ford Steering Angle Sensor Reset+ Clutch Leaning


Launch X431 V 8 inch How to reset steering angle sensor for Ford Mondeo? And how to do Clutch Adaptive Learning for Ford Focus? Following us, you’ll find the detail in this blog: Part 1. Launch X431 V reset Ford… Continue Reading


Vpecker Easydiag and Launch X431 iCarScan Test Reports


Vpecker and Launch ICARSCAN,which one is a better OBD2 fault code reader? One of our customer has tested both and made a comparison of Vpecker easydiag wifi wireless diagnostic scanner and Launch iCarScan scanner (iDiag’s replacement) on several models. Tested… Continue Reading


Honda Accord 2008 ECM/PCM Programming by Launch X431


After replacement of engine ECU, the key failed to start the engine. The green key led on the instrument panel flashes.So here car-auto-repair.com will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to reprogram ECM/PCM for Honda Accord 2008.And for… Continue Reading