How to use Launch X-PROG3 do key programming


You can use anti-theft system to access key chip programming functions. The Launch X-PROG3 product supports reading, retrieving and writing key information, as well as other key-related functions. ● Connecting diagnostic system Note: The USB cable shown in below diagram… Continue Reading


How to Reset AUDI A4 2008 Steering Angle Sensor by X431 Pad VII


There is something wrong with 2008 AUDI A4, the steering system has fault, but can continue driving. Here will share the guide to use Launch X431 Pad VII to solve. Let’s go one by one! Part 1: Perform basic setting with… Continue Reading


How to use Launch X431 PAD VII on BMW F-chassis for Auto Start/Stop Permanent Coding


Tutorial on how to use Launch X431 Pad VII on BMW F-chassis for Auto Start / Stop Permanent Coding. Car model: BMW 318i 2016.11.BMW F chassis programming, using Launch X431 PAD VII Hook Launch X431 PAD VII up BMW F-chassis, select… Continue Reading


How to Write Tire Position with Launch X-431 TSGUN

In case you didn’t record tire position while TPMS was not working after tire rotation, Launch X431 TSGUN can help to write tire position. The procedure includes reading the tire sensor ID and retrieving the correct tire location. The example below… Continue Reading


Launch X431 Tips-View All Supported Cars for Immobilizer Programming


Have a good day, gentlemen. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to view all of the vehicles that the Launch X431 OBD Diagnostic Scanner supports for immobilizer programming. What is Immobilizer? An immobiliser, or immobilizer, is a type of electronic security system… Continue Reading


Nissan Car keys programming Demo via Launch X431 V+


This article is to share the Nissan Car keys programming Demo via Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tablet to all customers. Main Operation Steps: Turn on the X431 V+ diagnostic tablet and click on “X431” icon on the Home menu. Tap… Continue Reading


Launch X431 Pad VII “Serial Number Does Not Exist” Solution


Launch X431 Pad VII question: “Current product of this serial No. does not exist” when trying to register a member and activate on x431 official website www.x431.com. Look at the error message below: Launch X431 engineer replied: Please back to the… Continue Reading