Autel KM100 Generate and Program Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2019 Smart Key

Autel KM100 is a fantastic tool. It’s simple and easy to generate and program smart key for workshop.
How to Use Autel MaxiIM KM100 and the original key to generate and add a new smart key to a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2019 successfully.

Step 1.Generate universal smart key

Plug the Autel VCI into the vehicle’s OBD2 port

It runs through Bluetooth and has an alarm there

Put the key into the coil of MaxiIM KM100

Tap Universal key>> Mitsubishi>> Mitsubishi Eclipse cross 2018- 2020 433.92 MHz FSK ID47>> Generate Universal Key

It takes about 30- 45 seconds to generate key.

After 30 seconds, the key is generated successfully.


Step 2.Program smart key

Back to the main menu of KM100

Make sure the VCI has been removed from the vehicle’s OBDII port

Tap IMMO>> Mitsubishi>> Manual selection>> Australia>> Eclipse Cross>> 2018- >> Smart Key


Confirm the vehicle profile

Tap Vehicle immo information

You can see the related key information and OBD position


Then tap Hot function>> Key learning (Guided)

Press ‘Start’ to perform the following function automatically

Step 1: Read pin

Step 2: Immo security verification

Step 3: Synchronous engine data

Step 4: Key learning

Insert a learned smart key into the key card slot

The key card slot is near the bottom of the steering wheel or in the co pilot storage compartment. If there is no card slot, close the key to the start button.

Here we press the key to the start button

Turn the ignition on

It takes about 20 seconds.

Learn key successfully

Put the new universal smart key onto the start button

Key learning is successful.


Remove the working key out of the vehicle

Press the button on the new smart key

Press the start button

Stat the car normally

Test the original key, also works well.

Perfect! Autel KM100 is a fantastic tool. It’s simple and easy to generate and program smart key for workshop.


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