Ford Explorer Key Coding-What to do after PCM/IC Replacement by Autel Maxisys Elite

Have you ever been in a situation were you replaced an IC or PCM on a Ford, and just when “thought” the job was complete, the car won’t even start?!

Now you have several issues on your hand. If you’re an Auto Body Repair Shop, you just created a supplement that needs to go to a dealer. That’s going to waste time and money. If you’re an auto repair shop, you have to outsource this task to a local locksmith. Who feels good outsourcing stuff if you don’t have to?

This is Curt, your Autel Diagnostic Consultant, and today I am going to share with you how I helped my client code a key on a Ford 2008 Expedition. What’s interesting about this case study is my client from the Caribbean. He explained to me that if he wasn’t able to code the key, he would have to fly over a locksmith to fix the car or he would have to ship the car back to the dealer in Florida. So this was a big win for my client and Let me show you how we did it.

01 Types of Transponders Systems and The Elites Strength’s /Weakness On These Systems

02 when to Conduct a Follow Up Key Coding Procedure On Fords

03 The Minimum Requirements Before You Enter The PATS System

04 How to Enter The PATS System and Code 2 Keys With TheĀ  Autel Scanner Maxisys Elite


Product ID: Maxisys Elite

Client Industry: Auto Repaif( Client Lives In The Caribbean)Vehicle : 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Procedure / Problem: Car Not Starting After PCM Replacement,

Background: After replacement of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) the THE:light flashes when the ignition is turned on and the enaine wi not erank . Clientreported several error codes existing .

Goal: To examine the function route the client attempted to use to code the keyand instruct the client with the correct procedure

Ford-Explorer-Key-Coding-by-Autel-Maxisys-Elite-1 Ford-Explorer-Key-Coding-by-Autel-Maxisys-Elite-2 Ford-Explorer-Key-Coding-by-Autel-Maxisys-Elite-3 Ford-Explorer-Key-Coding-by-Autel-Maxisys-Elite-4 Ford-Explorer-Key-Coding-by-Autel-Maxisys-Elite-5 Ford-Explorer-Key-Coding-by-Autel-Maxisys-Elite-6

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