How to Perform Curise Road by Launch HDIII Heavy Duty Module

Launch X431 HDIII add-on module is being used with our Launch throttle today such as X431 V,X431 V+, it can also be used with ipad3, ipad2 AE, or our ipad2. We happen to be working on the International /MaxxFORCE truck today, we’re gonna show you four basic functions: injected programming, injector cutout, engine compression tests and we’re also going to show you how to do a parameter speed change on your cruise control.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-01 (2)

Let’s go!

We’re using the type 29pin and then we’re going to connect it to a 4 foot cable and then we’re going to connect this to the vehicle (International /MaxxFORCE truck).

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-02 (2)

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-03 (2)

So today, we’re gonna show you how to change a speed parameter with your new heavy duty add-on module and we happen to be using a X431 Throttle pad today were to connect it to the vehicle.

We’re gonna be doing a short test.

So hit “Diagnose”.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-04 (2)

This happens to be an international.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-05 (2)

Then click OK.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-06 (2)

Hit “Automatic search”.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-07 (2)

We have finished the vehicle test, these are the modules that it found.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-08 (2)

Since we’re going to do a parameter change, we’re going to go into the engine.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-09 (2)

Hit “Automatic search”.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-10 (2)


launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-11 (2)

Acknowledge all the information that’s correct, yes.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-12 (2)

We’re going to click into parameters.

Follow the prompts make sure engines off keys on okay.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-13 (2)

And we’re going to set the cruise control parameter.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-14 (2)

And vehicle high speed limit is we’re going to change.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-15 (2)

It is currently set to 90.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-16 (2)

We’re going to set it to 80.

Type in 80 it okay.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-17 (2)

Acknowledged turn the key off.

And you can go into the speed limit.

Vehicle cruise control has been changed from 90 to 80.

launch-x431-hdiii-international-cruise-road-speed-change-18 (2)

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