YH Digimaster 3 Nissan pathfinder odometer correction

Yanhua Digimaster3 is able to  adjust Nissan pathfinder mileage, here is the operate guide for you

Look at the images of Nissan pathfinder option:

Select “Meter system” then “Japan & Korea”.

digimaster-3-nissan-pathfinder-mileage-programming-01 (2)

Select “Nissan”.

digimaster-3-nissan-pathfinder-mileage-programming-02 (2)

Select “Pathfinder”.

digimaster-3-nissan-pathfinder-mileage-programming-03 (2)

Have option: 2000, 2005-2008, 93C56, 2004, 93C46 etc.

Please firstly find out your dashboard chip type and the enter the above selection relatively.

digimaster-3-nissan-pathfinder-mileage-programming-04 (2)

For how to do next, Digimaster 3 machine will display the instruction.


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