2014 Audi A3 MQB key program with OBDSTAR DP Plus [via OBD]

OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 is tested working flawlessly for 2014 Audi A3 MQB key programming via OBD. This post will share the step-by-step procedure.


Here 2014 Audi A3 with MQB IMMO.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-01 (2)

Connect OBDSTAR DP Plus to the OBD port of Audi A3.

Turn on the machine.

Tap “Immobilizer”, then “VW /Audi/ Skoda / Seat V34.16”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-02 (2)

Quick to authorization…

Tap “Audi”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-03 (2)

Have option:

Read Pincode

Program Keys

Programming Remote

Tap “Program Keys”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-04 (2)

Tap ” 4 generation Immobilizer”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-05 (2)

Tap “MQB NEC+35XX (Continental /VDO) ICM”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-06 (2)
2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-07 (2)

Follow the message “This functions is available by connecting the server, please ensure the Internet connection is normal.”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-08 (2)

Tap “Read IMMO data”.

The dashboard lights off for a while and on again.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-09 (2)
Logging in system.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-10 (2)

Reading out data.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-11 (2)

Tap “Make ordinary dealer key”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-12 (2)


Please connect P001 with diagnostic device (The upper black one is P001 adapter).

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-13 (2)

Put the original key in P001.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-14 (2)

Reading data.

Please put the new key in P001 adapter.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-15 (2)

Make dealer key successfully.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-16 (2)

Tap “Program Keys”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-17 (2)


Please prepare all the car keys. The keys not be learned and can’t start the vehicle.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-18 (2)

Input 2 (key quantities).

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-19 (2)

Is the key to be learned a smart key? Select “NO”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-20 (2)

Turn on the ignition with the keys need to be learned successively and press [Enter] after completion.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-21 (2)

Please pay attention to the dashboard change: from OFF to ON is normal.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-22 (2)
2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-23 (2)
2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-24 (2)

Turn on the ignition with the keys need to be learned successively and press [Enter] after completion. Tap “Enter”.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-25 (2)

Configuring the system…

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-26 (2)

Learn complete.

2014-audi-a3-mqb-key-program-with-obdstar-dp-plus-27 (2)

Test the new key can start the car.


OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus is very nice for 2014 Audi A3 MQB key programming. The user can complete the whole job easily by following the on-screen help. Highly recommend.

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