How to Program Ford F-250 Used PCM Module with Autel IM608 J2534

Vehicle model example:

Ford F-250 2001 super duty

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-1 (2)


Not able to write VIN on the used PCM module after PCM replacement.

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How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-3 (2)

Device used to program:

Autel MaxiIM IM608 & MaxiFlash J2534 (The module is in default package)

Ford OEM subscription


Normally IM608 alone can do this procedure.  All you need to do is click programming and look for a programmable module installation (PMI) which is a sequence in that the software will save all the original PCM’s information in IM608, then prompt you when to put the replacement module on it. Next it will then transfer all the information to the replace module.

With this vehicle 2001 F-250 it does not have this functionality on the IM608 so to do this procedure will be using J2534 with the OEM subscription.

J2534 ECU Programmer


Go to Ford Diagnostic Menu->Auto Scan->Programming->Programmable Module Installation

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How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-5 (2)
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The Autel IM608 does not have the “Programmable Module Installation” feature, use Ford’s OEM software to complete the programming task.

Purchase Ford day subscription from Ford Service Info website

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-7 (2)

Turn ignition to the OFF position

Run Ford OEM software

(* To write the VIN on a used module when original PCM is not present. Turn off the ignition when run the Ford software.)
Select vehicle year: 2001
Confirm vehicle information

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-8 (2)
How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-9 (2)

Follow the prompt to Enter VIN
Insert VIN number and Tear Tag information

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-10 (2)
How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-11 (2)
How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-12 (2)

Note: Do not start a reprogramming session with a low battery in the vehicle and programming tool.
The fuel pump and the engine cooling fan(s) may run during the following procedure.
PCM reprogramming is in process

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-13 (2)

Then continue to follow prompts

Check VIN and insert mileage

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-14 (2)

Follow prompts until succeed.

How-to-Program-Ford-F-250-Used-PCM-Module-with-Autel-IM608-J2534-15 (2)


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