Mercedes BENZ C6 Xentry diagnosis VCI DOIP &AUDIO Software Registration & Firmware Update Instructions


Mercedes BENZ C6 software does not support DAS(Chassis model: 169/245/211/207/221/171/231/164) and HHT. When using xentry, as long as it jumps to DAS or HHT software, the diagnosis is not supported.


epc, wis software activation steps:

Login account: admin, password: 12345

Note: after opening epc-wis browsed, if you can see lan-id is unknown, the reason is the computer wasn’t installed with NIC driver or you need to uninstall and reinstall the NIC driver.

Driver installation:

1.Open VX Manager (open www.vxdiag.net, scroll down to download the newest version)

2.Click on “Diagnostic”, then “Benz” icon. If “Install” option light up, click on it; if it is gray, driver is installed successfully (Note: the computer needs to be connected the network, MB STAR C6 needs to be connected to the car and one computer).


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