How to Understand Diagnostics Your Car

The mind of your car is very small and made to be easy to read, so you should not be surprised by the simple way to see exactly what it is. OBDII is the real version 2.0 for this information frequently. The actual data tracked by the OBDII system was originally designed to track the engine emissions and find problems causing cars to pollute more frequently. Today, manufacturers have expanded the standard to accommodate a lot of data on overall performance and problems.


Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The Obd2 diagnostic tool allows your vehicle to report three types of information: Diagnostic Diagnostic Code (DTC), Real Time Data, and Frame Information. DTC is just error code, which can appear to determine the problem of the car you are experiencing. For example, DTC P0302 indicates “cylinder 2 misfire detection”.

diagnostics troublde code

Real-time data can be raw sensor information recorded for the OBD2 computer. This data is a good idea to troubleshoot and monitor the performance of the engine.

The freeze frame data is actually a snapshot of the real time sensor feed at the right time of the DTC condition. An auto mechanic can use this data to determine what is happening at that moment your vehicle test tool “has continued.

The Standard Protocols

In the OBD II standard, there are many protocols for transferring data from a car to a diagnostic device.

ISO9141 – 10 Kbits/sec : most Asian plus European producers
J1850 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) – 100 Kbits/sec: Mazda, Ford
J1850 VPW (Changeable Pulse Width) – 100 Kbits/sec: primarily GM
CAN(Controller Area Network): more details newer vehicles

Diagnostic Connector

The physical connector of the OBDII port is called the Information Link Connector (DLC). This is a 16-pin plug that is normally located under the panel near the tire. On the Mazda, the connector is located close to the release hole in the hard-to-shoot position.



When looking for your DLC, remember that a triple sphere around the owner of the car is quite large, and the port may be toward the particular passenger. Fortunately, there exists a database of DLC areas.

Among the hooks on the OBDII connector is the power from the vehicle’s battery, which means that OBD II travelers do not need batteries or external power.
Live Data

A standard group of DTCs can be purchased on most cars, but each manufacturer includes a huge selection of proprietary codes that will help determine the error on a particular car. Real-time information is transmitted through the OBD slot including speed, RPM, airflow temperature, and various sensor values (usually oxygen sensors plus percussion detectors). Do not assume that all cars transmit exactly the same information on the interface, meaning your data stream may be different.

OBDII hardware reduces to two groups: stand-alone devices that have special meaning for analysis (see examples), and signal converters that provide physical connectivity, but require software on Some types of computers or PDAs to display data. The conversion tools are definitely a little cheaper, because they only communicate with cars and have no processor or memory. They can also be more flexible, because the software can be modified or replaced.

Just like you already have some hardware options, you also have software options. There is no guarantee that all of the OBD programs that operate with each adapter can be reached; However, providers are very good at providing the right information, so it’s easy to make sure that you are getting the items that can interact. Since the Scan Tool may be the hardware we are discussing, we will also discuss their software primarily, but there are a few other interesting products to speak first.
Scan Tool

Scan Tool software means a new compromise between openness, openness, and functionality. Versions are sold for DOS, Windows Home, plus Linux. GPL source code C can be downloaded. The Scan tool explores all of the data channels within a loop so shutting down channels you do not care about will ensure you get increased sampling rates for the channels that you’ll be interested in. You can see the data change immediately, graph data, it may be hard to note the pattern.

It should be mentioned that some of the customer’s devices use car key programming data to provide useful data to the driver. Reader read scanner plus DTC delete, digital dashboard provision, and travel computer. Chip car is a data recorder telling parents and bosses in case their car is driving harder or farther than they should have been. So you can understand the mind of the car.

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