OBDSTAR ODOMASTER Odometer Correction Tool Car List for Hyundai/Kia



Obdstar Odo Master Hyundai Car List

Car Make Model Year Dashboard /BSI
Hyundai Accent Type-1 24C16
Hyundai Accent Type-2 D70F3536
Hyundai Accent Type-3
Hyundai Avante 2011-
Hyundai Avante MB91F061BS
Hyundai Azera DF0F3423
Hyundai Azera D70F35XX
Hyundai Azera R7F70140X
Hyundai Creta D70F3536
Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Elantra 2011-
Hyundai Elantra D70F3536
Hyundai Elantra MB91F061BS
Hyundai Genesis 2015
Hyundai Genesis D70F3421
Hyundai Genesis D70F3536
Hyundai Gets 24C16
Hyundai HB20 D70F3421
Hyundai HB20 D70F3423
Hyundai I20 24C16
Hyundai I20 D70F3421
Hyundai I20 D70F3536
Hyundai I20 Elite
Hyundai I25 24C16
Hyundai I30 2015 MB91F062BS
Hyundai I40 2015 MB91F062BS
Hyundai IX20 D70F3421
Hyundai IX20 D70F3536
Hyundai IX35 2018-
Hyundai Kona 2018-
Hyundai Kona S&T Motiv
Hyundai Mistra
Hyundai Santa MB91F061BS
Hyundai Solaris D70F3536
Hyundai Solaris D70F3423
Hyundai Solaris D70F342X
Hyundai Solaris D70F353X
Hyundai Sonata9 D70F3526
Hyundai Sonata9 D70F3536
Hyundai Sonata9 MB91F062BS
Hyundai Tucson 2015 MB91F062BS
Hyundai Tucson 2016 D70F3536
Hyundai Tucson VDO D70F3536
Hyundai Verna 24C16
Hyundai Veloster 24C16
Hyundai Veloster D70F3421
Hyundai Veloster D70F3525
Hyundai Veracruz D70F3421


Obdstar Odo Master Kia Car List

Car Make Model Year Dash board /BSI
Kia Accent 2011-
Kia Carnival MB91F061BS
Kia Ceed 24C16
Kia Ceed D70F3XXX
Kia Ceed D70F3421
Kia Ceed D70F35XX
Kia Ceed NEC
Kia Ceed NEC+24C16
Kia Ceed D70F3423
Kia K2 MB91F061BS
Kia K4
Kia K5 24C16
Kia K5 D70F3423
Kia K5 D70F3536
Kia KX5 D70F3536
Kia Magentis 24C16
Kia Magentis D70F3421
Kia Magentis D70F35XX
Kia Magentis D70F353X
Kia Magentis NEC
Kia Magentis NEC+24C16
Kia Optima 24C16
Kia Optima D70F3421
Kia Optima D70F352X
Kia Optima D70F3536
Kia Optima D70F35XX
Kia Optima NEC
Kia Optima NEC+24C16
Kia Picanto MB91F061BS
Kia Rio 24C16
Kia Rio D70F3421
Kia Rio D70F3423
Kia Rio D70F35XX
Kia Rio NEC
Kia Sedona MB91F061BS
Kia Sorento 24C16
Kia Sorento D70F3423
Kia Sorento D70F3536
Kia Sorento D70F3526
Kia Sorento D70F35XX
Kia Sorento IC VDO D70F3421
Kia Sorento IC VDO D70F3423
Kia Sorento IC VDO D70F353X
Kia Sorento MB91F061BS
Kia Sorento NEC
Kia Sorento NEC+24C16
Kia Soul 24C16
Kia Soul D70F3421
Kia Soul D70F3536
Kia Soul D70F35XX
Kia Soul NEC
Kia Sortage D70F3421
Kia Sortage D70F3536
Kia Sortage D70F35XX
Kia Sortage NEC
Kia Sortage NEC+24C16
Kia Sortage VDO D70F3421
Kia Sortage VDO D70F3426
Kia Sortage VDO R7F701411
Kia Sportage GT D70F3526+25160
Kia Sportage R 24C16
Kia Sportage R D70F3423
Kia Sportage R D70F3536
Kia Stinger 2017-
Kia Stinger VDO R7F7014XX
Kia Stonic 2017-
Kia Stonic VDO R7F7014XX


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