Lonsdor K518ISE BMW MINI Rolls-Royce Vehicle List

Here comes the BMW, Mini Cooper and Rolls-Royce immobilizer list of Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer/Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer.

BMW IMMO Vehicle List
BMW\Select from type\CAS1/CAS2/CAS3     Program/delete key,Disable and enable,Synch ELV,Synch DEM,Reset CAS mileage(disable),Update CAS3,Backup & recover,Clear fault code,Clear SHADOW,Force to recover CAS,CAS3 emulator(disable),Make key with EPROM data,Restore CAS1,
BMW\Select from type\CAS4/CAS4+     Make ignition key,Disable key,Enable key,
BMW\Select from type\FEM/BDC     Read key info,Preprocess FEM/BDC system,Make dealer key,Enable key,Disable key,Delete key,Identify vehicle frequency,Switch ignition on,Reset FEM/BDC mileage,Read ECU info(disable),Read ISN code(disable),Delete transport mode(disable),

Rolls-Royce IMMO Vehicle List
ROLLS-ROYCE\Select from type\Wraith     Make ignition key,Disable key,Enable key,
ROLLS-ROYCE\Select from type\Ghost     Make ignition key,Disable key,Enable key,
ROLLS-ROYCE\Select from vehicle\Phantom     Program key,Disable and enable,Make key with EPROM data,Backup & recover,Sync DME,Sync ELV,Clear fault code,Clear SHADOW,

Mini Cooper IMMO Vehicle List
SMART\BR451\Immobilizer     Program key,
SMART\BR450\-2002\Immobilizer     Program key,
SMART\BR453\Immobilizer     Read PIN code,Program key,Recover configured data,Test(disable),
SMART\BR452\2003-2006\Immobilizer     Program key,Read key count,
SMART\BR454\2004-2006\Immobilizer     Program key,
SMART\BR450\2002-\Immobilizer     Program key,Read key count,

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