John Deere Service Advisor Diagnostic software

I have 4 john deere excavators in Africa. If is SO SO difficult to get good mechanics there, the machines are always down and this is costing me. I brought the john deere diagnostic software with the scanner. However I need some training in using the software to probably diagnose/troubleshoot. Can you advise where I can get a course/training to learn to use the software to diagnose? Please feel free to comments, advise. i would love to hear from someone who have used or is using the software now. Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

Those DVDs are only good for 3 months and you need a user name and password from Deere. At least this is my Deere world I’m in the power systems group. There are online classes for service advisor but you need to be affiliated with Deere

I don`t think you are going to be able to get service advisor,as has been said unless you are approved by Deere as some level of dealer. Customer version, if still available won`t do wwhat you are looking for. The disc`s used to last a month, so if they are good for 3 at a time, that`s a witch and yes you need a user name and pass word tht gets changed every couple months.

You are able to have a copy of Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Service Advisor, but your local dealer would have to set you up with a customer only copy of the software(which will give you the updated information). You would also have to go through them to purchase the EDL tool in order to connect to the machines. On the JD Bookstore you can get the DVD training video on that or at least you could I am not sure if it is still there or not. Deere is also in the process of going to a Web version of the Service Advisor 5.0 which may be an option for you, but once again it must go back through that dealer unfortunately.

John Deere Service Advisor 4.0 CCE (Commercial and Consumer Equipment)dealer technical assistance, diagnostics, connection readings, calibrations, interactive tests, specification, tools, assemble and disassemble presented all models John Deere Construction Equipment and some models Hitachi, Euclid, Bell and Timberjack.

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