21 JunVXDIAG Multi Tool Porsche PIWIS II LAN Setting Guide

How to: setup Porsche Piwis Tester II Multi diagnostic tool LAN connection.

1.Click [SETTINGS]->[Network settings]


vxdiag-piwis-ii-lan-setting-2 vxdiag-piwis-ii-lan-setting-3 vxdiag-piwis-ii-lan-setting-4 vxdiag-piwis-ii-lan-setting-5 vxdiag-piwis-ii-lan-setting-6vxdiag-piwis-ii-lan-setting-2

2.Click [LAN],then Select a network card



3.obtain ip address automatically:select [Obtain IP address automatically] and [Obtain DNS server address automatically],then click [Save]



4.Manually settings IP address : select [Use following IP addresses] and [Use following DNS server addresses],then input IP address 、subnet mask 、standard gateway 、Preferred DNS Server , then click [Save]

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