20 DecHow to Backup and Restore a Corrupted Autel Maxisys

Has your Maxisys software ever been deleted or gotten corrupted? Here is what you need to know to get your MaxiSys back up and running.

1. If you have a current subscription…Run an update.
2. If your subscription has expired…Restore from backup.
3. Don’t have a backup…Renew the subscription.

Lesson learned…MAKE A BACKUP!

To summarize, copy and paste the SCAN folder from the Autel tablet to a flash drive (thumb drive, SD card, etc…) that is 32GB. WARNING: The Autel devices will not recognize a flash drive larger than 32GB.

Q: Which Autel tablets support this method of backup?
A: All of Autel’s current Android-based tablets, including, all the MaxiSys 906, 908, Maxisys Elite, MS908P and even the Autel MX808.

Q: The video recommends a 32GB flash drive, can a larger one be used?
A: No. The Autel tablets will not recognize a flash drive larger than 32GB.

Q: How do I restore the files from a backup?
A: Copy the SCAN folder from the backup flash drive to the tablet.

Q: Can the backup be used to restore the Autel tablet after the subscription has expired?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I “lend” my backup to a friend?
A: No. The backups are tied to the serial number.

Q: When should I make a backup?
A: Make at least one backup before your current subscription expires. Ideally, make at least two backups:
– one to use
– another one to use in case the first one does not work.

Don’t forget, renewing your subscription gets you the latest updates and a revived warranty.

Finally, if you don’t have a current subscription and don’t have a backup, consider a new unit.

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