Cummins Insite Changes Road Speed Parameters

Tips here to help change road speed parameters using Cummins Insite software.

Maybe you have to bring the bus in for a repair. Maybe you got home with a new bus and cannot remember how to adjust the speed as required by the state.

NOTE: This Carolina Thomas Bus Buzz assumes you have a service department laptop with the Cummins Insite Software (official or cheap crack version confirmed to work no issues).

If you do not have Insite you can learn some of what it can do or call us and we can get you what you need.

Step 1: Connect the laptop to the bus by using the 9-pin diagnostic receptacle inside every C2 located above the driver’s left foot position.

Step 2: Click on on your desktops Cummins INSITE Icon.

Step 3: Turn key in bus to on position. Bus does NOT need to be running.

Step 4: Click on on “Connect to ECM” menu on left and then click on “Connect” in pop up window.

Step 5: Click on on “Features and Parameters”.

Step 6: Scroll down menu to Road Speed Governor and click on on icon beside to expand its options. The menu is in alphabetical order for ease of use.

Step 7: Double click on on MPH number on MAX VEHICLE SPEED.

Step 8: Enter the new MPH speed required and then click on on the number. Note: North Carolina has specific laws for buses in operation. Please adhere to these laws for any bus in-service.

Step 9: Double click on on MPH number on MAX ACCELERATOR SPEED and change to same value as MAXIMUM VEHICLE SPEED.

NOTE: New speed is displayed and old speed is displayed to the right.

Step 10: On tool bar at top of screen, click on on the small computer icon to send info to engine’s ECM.

Step 11: Pop up window will indicate you are to turn ignition key off for 30 seconds. Do this and then click on OK.

Step 12: NEW pop up window will tell you when to turn ignition key back on. When instructed, turn key on and click on OK.

Step 13: Pop up window will indicate when all parameters were successfully written. Click on OK.

Step 14: Click on Icon on left to disconnect from ECM. When this is complete it is safe to remove laptop connections with bus.

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