How to get ODIS 4.3.3 For VAS 5054A

Bad clones of VAS5054A not gonna work with this version 4.3.3.

Even those that works with ODIS 4.2.3.


I mean, VAS5054a clones work on 4.3.3 with PDU 041 only. But not working with PDU 042

For bad clones just need to downgrade PDU from 042 to 041

Remove EDIC 1.20.42 from PC

Then install this older EDIC attached:


If you should check post install (before you plug in your device) in Add/Remove programs you should see Softing D-PDU API V1.20.042 EDIC_D_PDU_API_OE/OS
Remove these from PC and reboot (just in case)
Install the EDIC provided above with version 041
Then plug in your device and test

I myself have not tested the above, but I think I works

But if you want use ODIS easily for VAS 5054A clone head, choose ODIS 4.2.3 From obd2tool.com. It’s a tested version, confirmed to work no issues

Good luck!

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