Monthly Archives: May 2017

22 MayLAUNCH X431 ICARSCAN for Android/IOS with 8 free Software

LAUNCH ICARSCAN for Android/IOS with 8 free Software Replacement of LAUNCH X431 IDIAG Easydiag M-Diag Launch Icarscan is a professional automotive diagnosis tool which manufactured by LAUNCH company. This is a specially designed auto code reader. ICarScan is a smart phone based vehicle OBD2 and full sysatem diagnostic tool designed with the professional technicians and DIY […]

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09 MayHow to renew 722.9 with FVDI Commander Mercedes-Benz

Questions before entering: I have told that the FVDI Mercedes could renew 722.9? Want to buy FVDI Mercedes / Smart / Maybach, where to and how to do it? Or do I need to go for a Star diagnosis tool instead? Answer: Yes, ABRITES Commander Mercedes works. Star tool is not required. Where and how, […]

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08 MayRenault key card programming only SUCCESS with FVDI2

Share my interesting experience… Have tried many tools for Renault key programming, like CarProg, SBB, Renault CAN CLIP, etc. But only successfully program Renault keys with FLY FVDI2 arbites commander at My experience failed on 2008 megane: Carprog clone 4.74 lib file not worked SBB v33 clone not worked (they don’t its on internet) […]

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