Autoboss Tools recommendations yet will not be connected kick out line

My spouse and i efficiently go through through kick out function that ecu.. no issue change energy supply on galletto.. try to go through then when message seem let down change be connected gray cable to be able to pin number 29, energy on supply along with take away gray cable along with press FINE and also upcoming.. and yes it may go through no issue maybe u include challenge along with Fgtech galletto, try to go through that through usual modem line ecu because found on photo, select ecu through listing along with have a shot at ecu records if that operates, kick out function must also..

usual function: My spouse and i recommended you need to have a shot at go through that on regular be connected many wires because found inside Autoboss Tools recommendations yet will not be connected kick out line along with inside galletto select inside selection ordinarily renault-> thalia and also My spouse and i have no idea what kind you’ve, ECU have to be correct do not evaluate type of an automobile along with try to ECU inside diameter that should function.. Alone distinction is that inside kick out function galletto go through 256kb connected with flash along with through usual function simply 32kb.

relating to china and taiwan Fgtech galletto yet My spouse and i changed many elements on the inside to be able to fully function since Relating to challenge along with Kline go through.. And also Relating to challenge along with ECU Siemens sirius32and My spouse and i obtained in connector through galletto any particular one line -yellow- which is intended for L — series ended up being desoldered therefore My spouse and i repaired that and yes it operates along with My spouse and i have a shot at that on regular, that go through ECU fine therefore after that My spouse and i try to kick out function and yes it operates.

Change 270 OHM resistor TO BE ABLE TO 2700 OHM resistor
change 470 OHM resistor TO BE ABLE TO 4700 OHM resistor
along with change signal through HEF40106BT TO BE ABLE TO HCF40106

because My spouse and i wrote Relating to challenge along with Kline. canbus, Autel Tools bdm did wonders perfectly yet e series does not work properly therefore my spouse and i implemented that repair option it’s true that operates!

Another person questioned should they prior to the files replicate through HEF40106BT TO BE ABLE TO HCF40106? or simply HCF40106 soldering plus its all set?

The solution will be zero. its simply EX GIRLFRIEND OR BOYFRIEND SCHMITT INDUCE Inverters, its simply signal, zero records on the inside. a person purchase that elements intended for tiny funds.. simply desolder older along with solder brand-new compoments and yes it should function have a shot at that.

Previous to repair, my spouse and i possesses kline challenge that i tried out ecu inside diameter, compose and also go through along with galletto ended up being generally featuring problem ecu wakeup along with immediately after my spouse and i changed that pieces that operates excellent.

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