STAR C3 DAS Fault (1.1)-1.501.9504 solution


I have had a diagnostic machine STAR C3 for a while and i decided to try and make it work, but every time i try to communicate with the car i get  an error message saying : Fault (1.1)-1.501.9504 Initialization… Continue Reading


Exploring the MB STAR C3 (SDS)


PART 1 — BACKGROUND This thread will be devoted to a thorough explanation of the Mb Star C3 system in depth, over time. Another good reference thread can be found here. First off, some history and background about the system. The… Continue Reading


What’s the difference between mb star software versions

I have a 2007 ML63 and am looking to purchase a 2004 / 2005 S600 soon and wanted to get one of these units to scan the ML as well as use it for pre-purchase inspections. From all 921 posts… Continue Reading


MB Star C3 Communication Error (1.58642.0)

This is the useful tip for Communication error (1.58642.0) in Mb Star C3 XENTRY after connecting the Mercedes E -Class W212 to program generates, offered by mbstartool engineers. I connect the C-class W204 2010 year by the program Xentry and everything… Continue Reading


How to Retrofit Mercedes W204 Rear Lights by MB Star DAS

Here is a little tutorial on Mercedes-Benz W204 rear lights retrofit by using Benz Scan Tool MB Star diagnosis DAS software with SD Connect C4 multiplexer. Disclaimer: This is for W204 chassis only. You are at your risk. Start DAS Developer… Continue Reading


Review MB STAR C3 XENTRYDAS Windows 10

Like many others I had a long, long struggle getting my XENTRY-DAS setup working and thought I would share some of the learning to the forum. There are many non-factory setups available with prices generally ~$600 for a MB STAR C3… Continue Reading