What’s the difference between ford jds and ids


Hi. What’s the difference between ford jds and ids ? Which one I would need to program a smart key fob for 2018 expedition for example ? Or If I want to program new ecu weather from junk yard or… Continue Reading


Ford Focus TCM adaptive learning with Launch X431 PRO3


This is the how-to’s of ‬TCM adaptive learning – clutch learning, applicable for all Ford models. Upload images… Select FORD Launch X431 Pro3 comes with Ford series software V46.24 Confirm Automatically Search Ford Focus vehicle specification System selection TCM (transmission control… Continue Reading


How to solve laptop wont connect to VCM2


Question: I’ve got a VCM 2 that’s using the v86 program that’s about 4 years old. Took me a while to get it working but has worked ever since on a couple of Van’s and 2 of my fiestas now… Continue Reading


Ford Explorer Key Coding-What to do after PCM/IC Replacement by Autel Maxisys Elite


Have you ever been in a situation were you replaced an IC or PCM on a Ford, and just when “thought” the job was complete, the car won’t even start?! Now you have several issues on your hand. If you’re… Continue Reading