Yanhua Digimaster3 error message Solution


Question: tried to use Yanhua Digimaster3 to correct odometer via OBD for Mercedes Benz W211, get error message “This function is for testing by conner only, the formal issuance will be advised later.” Look at how I operate and then get… Continue Reading


Program Benz AKL with Autel IM608 or VVDI MB or CG MB


Have Mercedes Benz with all keys lost (AKL), to program new key using Autel MaxiIM IM608 or VVDI MB or CG MB programmer? Let’s listen to experienced user’s sharing. 1. Autel MaxiIM IM608 program key for MB: longer time when getting password… Continue Reading


How to Renew and Program Mercedes VGS TCU Transmission by Autel IM608


This is a 2008 Mercedes GL450. We need to swap TCU transmission control unit and program it another donor one to the vehicle using Autel MaxiIM IM608 on the bench. Let’s go ahead and do it. Select Immobilizer- Manual selection- GL/GLS-… Continue Reading


Mercedes-Benz SD Connect C4C5C4 Plus Newest V2021.09 Updated Add an extra HHT software for old cars


Mercedes-Benz SD Connect C4/C5/C4 Plus Newest V2021.09 Updated Add an extra HHT software for old cars Xentry Software list: 1. DAS 2021.09: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System 2. Xentry 2021.09: New software released by Bennz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis… Continue Reading


How to Link WIS ASRA standalone to XENTRYDAS

I had XENTRY DAS installed and no help link were working from DAS, it was going to some URL every time I clicked on help button, so I decided to install WIS/ASRA as standalone option on same laptop. This is… Continue Reading


Wifi Benz C6 OEM DOIP Xentry Das EPC WIS Activation

Wifi Benz C6 OEM DOIP Xentry Das EPC WIS Activation Steps: Follow the pdf file on the desktop ” Open your STAR SDC4 Guide”. Note: the activation method is independent of version. EPC WIS Open”EWA net” Name admin Password 12345… Continue Reading


Update SD Connect without batteries


Question: Is it possible to update SD Connect C4 without batteries, because I am damaged and batteries do not work !!!. Answer: It can be done perfectly. If you need to update an SD Connect and you do not have batteries… Continue Reading


Benz C6 OEM DOIP VCI Not used with Xentry Solution

Benz-C6-OEM-DOIP-VCI-Not-used-with-Xentry-Solution-7 (2)

I purchased the BENZ C6 OEM DOIP Xentry Diagnosis and am having some issues with it. It appears that it cannot communicate with a Xentry. I do have my own WLAN dongle since one was not provided but am unsure… Continue Reading


VXDIAG Benz C6 Complete Vehicle Coding for Mercedes W205


This is an instruction of how Vxdiag Benz C6 Star do the Benz 205 complete vehicle coding. Device: ALLscaner VXDIAG C6 Star Car model: Benz W205 Function: Vehicle coding Connect the device to the computer, install the software and VCX manager… Continue Reading