How to Repair Caterpillar Low Oil Pressure Trouble

This real repair case from one of my blog read,here i re-edit it post here,big thank for Jim’s excellent work.Here is post Jim’s repair procedures on how to solve Caterpillar low oil pressure trouble.


Caterpillar Low Oil Pressure Trouble Repair:
A Caterpillar excavator get trouble in low oil pressure,the oil pressure warning light on the dashboard.And if your Caterpillar excavator with the low oil pressure,it will cause crankshafts and bearings, cylinder liners and pistons will wear out due to poor lubrication.

Reasons may cause low oil pressure:
1.Not enough oil
2.Oil pump error
3.Leaking of oil radiator
4.Pressure sensor error or tubing blockage
5.Oil grade is no suitable

Common Solutions:
1.Increase the amount of oil
2.Check the oil pump
3.Overhaul the oil radiator
4.Overhaul the pressure sensor
5.Check if the oil brand suit for your machine

Our mechanic use oil pressure gauge and the oil quality analyzer to the oil,and found the viscosity of the oil, the degree of pollution are in line with the requirements.

And use oil pressure gauge to check the oil pressure,both values were below 0.15MPa with high speed and low speed.

Finally,mechanic check the bypass value on the oil filter,he found the sealing between the steel ball and the seat surface of the value seat was loosen after disassembling,this problem caused oil leakage.

Sealing performance restored by grinding the sealing,the oil pressure warning light off after adjusting the pressure to stander value.

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