Free download VAS5054 PassThru Drivers 64bit



Password for rar file is: R0TURB0_VAS5054_PassThru_@_64bit
– on win7 64bit is ok and working.
– Passthru is only USB, because of speed stability and other things, but you can try.
– With this installation my VAS5054 is working under 64bit as a PassThru interface.
– VAS5054A clone works.


***This drivers are to make the interface work as PassThru with other softwares, like Xentry etc. Therefore Not working with odis 4.3.3 an VAS 5054A ODIS says drivers not installed on windows. If you are using only VAS5054 and ODIS you don′t need to use passthru drivers, ODIS already have
the correct drivers for your interface.

To have also ODIS on same machine you need to chose your interface from the list again,
and also mod the REG file to add your interface serial number.


Cons: This is free stuff, so do not complain if is not working with your interface..
You are the only one to blame if something goes wrong, so first make backup of important data,
or test this drivers first inside a Virtual Machine or any testing PC.

Remember, i don′t have responsibility of any kind, any problem you solve it,
i have test it and it works, and it is free for you to test,, only IF YOU WANT.

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