The INLINE 6 can communicate with your PC through a 9-pin serial connector

Are you tired of trying to get a handle on all the vehicle data link adapter options available that are costly, unreliable, and serve only particular engine makes and service tool software applications? Cummins has introduced a new data link adapter that is fully compliant with TMC’s RP1210 standard, and has been designed and environmentally tested to Cummins standards to be rugged and reliable. We are pleased to offer you more for less.

Meet the Cummins INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter. This new adapter is now the only genuine Cummins product on the market and is the only adapter available that Cummins certifies to be 100% compatible with all features of the latest Cummins ECMs and software applications. The INLINE 6 can communicate with your PC through a 9-pin serial connector. The INLINE 6 also can communicate with your PC over a Universal Serial Bus (USB) through a 4-pin standard connector. The INLINE 6 adapter connects to vehicle power, the SAE J1708/J1587 data link, and two CAN/J1939 data links via a 25-pin serial connector.

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